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Body Detox with Coffee Enema

One very popular way to detoxify the body and specifically the liver is through Coffee Enema which has been used for over decades throughout the entire world. In our daily lives we intake hundreds of various toxins which get into our body through the foods and drinks we consume and through the environment which we breathe and live in. it is important, therefore, for everybody to get their bodies detoxified every now and then to live a better and a healthier life.

The liver and the kidneys are the world’s best detoxifiers and supporting these organs to flush the toxins out more effectively is one the best methods in body detox. Generally regarded as safe, coffee enema is one way to do that as it helps the liver to produce bile which is a very important fluid that aids body detox.

Several studies conducted in the past have shown that even cancer patients have been helped greatly by coffee enemas as it increases the ability of the liver to flush out toxins from the body and therefore enables the body to detoxify naturally. Coffee is administered to the body through the anus and is absorbed by the blood vessels of the bowel walls and makes its way to the liver.

Caffeine in the coffee will cause the dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts so that toxins can be carried away more easily. Enzymes found in coffee then help the liver transport the toxins in bile acid to the gastro-intestinal tract. This enema fluid also stimulates the muscles of the intestine helping in peristalsis, the movement of the intestine that assists in the removal of wastes/toxins through the colon.   

If you are wondering, drinking coffee does not give you the same effects because the veins of the anus are very close to the surface of the tissue hence enabling caffeine to be absorbed in higher concentration and more quickly than it is in when coffee is drunk.

How do you perform a coffee enema? Basically, you will need three tablespoons (or the coffee amount that has been prescribed for you) of organic ground coffee. Make sure they are not sweetened coffee, flavored coffee, or coffee with milk. Boil the coffee in 1 quartz or 4 cups of distilled water for three minutes without a cover and then allowed to simmer for fifteen more minutes. The solution is then left to cool to a tepid temperature. Body temperature is good but not too hot. Pour the coffee into the enema bag which you can get from most pharmacies and they are inexpensive. Make sure the coffee grounds are filtered away.

Follow the directions that accompany the enema kit. Usually you need to hang the enema bag at the height of at least two feet above the floor, lie on your back or right side on the floor, gently insert the tube into the rectum a few inches, release the clamp to the tubing and let the coffee flow in gently. The flow should not be forceful. Clamp the tubing off as soon as there's the slightest fullness or discomfort (about 2 cups). Retain the coffee for at least 12 minutes to 15 minutes max, but don't force it if you can't. Lightly massage your abdomen from left to right just below the navel while retaining the coffee. Empty your bowel and repeat the process with the remaining fluid if you are able.

There are various other recipes available over the net and in health magazines but basically the concentration of the coffee varies. No one recipe is right for everyone. If you feel hyper, or have irregular heartbeats or palpitations after a coffee enema, you should reduce the amount of coffee.

The above piece is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be medical advice. Many medical authorities consider this a dangerous procedure, and it is not endorsed by

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