How to tell the sex of crabs

Saturday, April 25, 2020
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Males vs. Females

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How To Tell A Hermit Crab’s Gender (with Pictures) | Pet Keen

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How to Distinguish Between Male & Female Crabs

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2 years ago

This is 2018. We live in a Media and lawsuit dominated World. This guy's remarks are too extreme for someone holding a political office. He is hurting the conservative and Republican cause by such remarks. It feeds into the narrative of labelling us all. The majority of conservatives want a better World. We are against Globalism, The Deep State, and The Swamp because they are destroying the Middle Class. It would be a better World if we all said just how we feel, but that is not reality. I suppose Jim Acosta felt he was in the right, but he behaved in a very rude and bad mannered way at the White House. Same thing applies here. This guy's remarks are out of bounds racist and he was probably speaking as a member of the GOP. All bets are off on being able to just say offensive things when you are working on the clock. This happens whether one works at 7-11 or a state legislature. Sadly, a few powerful Democrats, like Joseph Biden, get away with hate speech. It is a sad reality that people with money and power are able to live by different rules than the rest of us.

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